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Icons (aka pictograms in uMap sources) can be used in your map markers.

Icons are not embedded in uMap sources, you will have to add them manually. So you can choose which icons you want to use.

You can use either PNG, JPG or SVG files. SVG files are recommended.

When using SVG, it's recommended to use icons without color. uMap will switch to white colors automatically according to the marker background color.

Example of icons libraries you may want to use:

Import icons manually⚓︎

You can import icons manually by going to your uMap admin page:

Import icons automatically⚓︎

To import icons on your uMap server, you will need to use the command umap import_pictograms (making sure the virtualenv is active).

Note: you can get help with umap import_pictograms -h

Basic usage:

umap import_pictograms --attribution "Maki Icons by Mapbox" path/to/icons/directory/


uMap can render icons grouped into categories. When using the import script, any subfolder will be used as category.